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How to install PHP 5.6 on CentOS 6.10

I just did a fresh install of CentOS 6.10 today and needed to install PHP. It had been a while, so I needed a refresher. Note: PHP 5.6 is pretty much End Of Life, so you should be installing PHP 7.2, or higher at this point in time. That said, sometimes you have to support […]

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How to install Apache and PHP 7.2 on Windows Subsystem for Linux

There are a few tips and tricks I found for this installation. Here are the details. Check Windows Version First, here’s the entire Microsoft section on WSL. I highly recommend reading through it. There are various differences between the latest Windows 10 updates, so this might not work for your version! I’m on Windows 10 […]

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How to install PHP Manager in IIS 10 or higher

PHP Manager is a useful tool for configuring PHP in IIS. It is no longer supported, however, and a Registry trick is required to install it. Overview PHP Manager allows you to configure multiple versions of PHP for multiple VHosts on an IIS server. While it adds some overhead to the configuration, it can be […]

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Drupal PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user

You might get this error and you’ve lost your mind trying to understand why you updated the password, logged into MySQL successfully from the command line, but still can’t get Drupal to talk to the db? PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘drupal_user’@’’ (using password: YES) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /var/www/html/ The clue is probably right here beneath your […]

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Accessing MSSQL from Linux using PHP MSSQL_CONNECT

MSSQL_CONNECT and MSSQL in PHP on Linux You’ve yum installed php-mssql and you’re still tearing your hair out because you can’t connect to MSSQL from Linux. In this case it’s CentOS 6.7 with PHP 5.6.23 and Apache 2.2.15. You’re using mssql_connect in a basic test script like this one: <?php #################################### # PHP error handling for […]

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Simple PHP SPAM tracking and logging tip

This one’s easy. Place this in your php.ini (don’t forget to restart, if needed). mail.add_x_header = On mail.log = /var/log/phpmail.log You can change the log file location, of course. Note that mail.add_x_header  will add the script file to the email header allowing someone to see which file generated the email. This may be a security […]

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Fatal error: Allowed memory size of +Drupal

This post is not about adding memory in php.ini or .htaccess or settings.php in Drupal. You might be getting the Fatal Error because of URL redirects causing infinite loops induced by running database update scripts! But, here’s the skinny on adding more memory accessible by Drupal. This will depend on your hosting provider and how much […]

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Working with FireHost

FireHost takes a little getting used to if you’re used to having actual root access and complete control over your or your client’s hosting environment. While some call them Draconian, FireHost leans to the very conservative of the security spectrum. They also require a dubious amount of tickets you have to open. That said, it’s […]