List of 3D Robotics Pixhawk and Pixhawk Clones

Everything is in flux. DJI keeps bringing out some pretty amazing plug and play products while 3D Robotics tries to catch up (update: they are basically out of the consumer done business). I love the PixHawk, personally. I am a tinkerer and own an Arduino, a Beagle Bone Black, a Raspberry Pi 3, and various other trinkets and doodads. I enjoy tinkering and 3DR has allowed someone like me to do everything I want to do instead of having to hack DJI products or buy into their Matrice 100. I mean, $3,300? I can go out and buy an Iris+ for between $400 used to $750 new, then hook up one of the boards for co-processing. The PixHawk is getting dated (March, 2016) in this super accelerated world we live in, but is a perfectly capable platform and will remain so for several more years. 3DR has (not officially) announced a PixHawk 2 (so has a previous developer at 3DR, so don’t get confused) and I am excited.

In the meantime, it seems that the demand for PixHawks continues to climb and because the architecture is open source the options are getting better and better.

Worth mentioning, ArduPilot and all related (and confusing) Open Source software has created this world and it’s continuing development by hundreds of seriously amazing people is what enables this hardware to exist.

After reading and searching for all the different manufacturers, I decided to make a list of everything I can find. If you know of any others, PLEASE comment and include a URL. I will edit the list so it is included!

Note: I’m not including all the places to buy a PixHawk. I am focusing on all the different products based on the platform.

I can’t fit the table in here, so I had to make a new page. Click here to go the list of Pixhawk Products.

Please comment and add additional sources and products!

UPDATE 12-10-2016

It looks like 3DR is selling a 3DR branded mini Pixhawk (I am assuming it is the one that HobbyKing sells).  Here’s the PixFalcon at HobbyKing for reference.

I would buy the one from 3DR. It includes just about everything you need, including GPS and power.

I assume you will also need new telemetry radios with the new plugs? They do appear to have better communication specs, though, with frequency hopping! Both frequencies are there for US/Europe.




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